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Kimono trend

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Many wonders how to deal with the summer heat in style while not looking boring. The answer is easy. Kimono! It’s literally easy to wear and adds a bit of chic to every outfit. You can style it with a lace dress, a pair of flare jeans or simply with a crop top and shorts. I know that to some kimono associates with the boho, girly style and summer festivals. That's why I've decided to show you some fun and creative ways of wearing one even in a surprisingly ways.
By adding a leather trousers you can create a rocky, grunge style outfit perfect for a night-out or a concert with your friends. If you want something more casual  just add a pair of ripped or flare jeans and you will feel comfy while looking fabulous. For a weather like today (in mine town there is something about 32 degrees andI'm currently burning in the sun) style it with a pair of shorts, a skirt or even a playsuit and I guarantee you will look flawless while not feeling sweaty.
Hope you like the sets and let me know what you think or how you would style a kimono. Enjoy the beautiful weather with style!
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