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Denim dungarees

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Calling all 90s fashion fans - dungarees are back. They used to be typically associated with working clothes but everything has changed. Alexa Chung was the one who started working denim dungarees into her casual Brit looks. Why they are so popular nowadays? The answer is easy. They are really easy to wear and you can rock them in every style you like, from boho to grunge. To create a simply casual outfit add a fun t-shirt and sneakers and when you want something more smart, choose button-down shirt and heels. There is a lot of fabric to choose from but I want to focus on the classic denim ones. I especially like to style it with suede, I think it looks very casual and chic at the same time, but you can of course pick lace to be more girly or ever leather jacket to add that rocky vibe. There is no limit, but remember be carefully. Dungarees, especially the oversized ones can really make you look fatter or just simply shorten your legs. A good option for everyone is to pick the short one and add tights if we want to cover our legs. My advice is to have fun and don't care what others say. Be orginal!
Here are some sets I created. Head over to my polyvore account for more inspirations.
Victoria x

Untitled #1092

Untitled #1093

Untitled #1091

Untitled #1089

Untitled #1086

Untitled #1090

Untitled #1084

Untitled #1084 by victoriamk featuring a zara bag

And here is a lookbook of dungaree styling inspiration:

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